At Milford Veterinary Hospital there is usually a hustle and bustle of activity, especially in the waiting room. There is either a patient coming in for an appointment, a patient being checked out from an appointment, a client buying food, or a client here to ask questions. Whatever the reason, the waiting room is typically busy.

Here are some simple tips to make everyone’s wait a little less stressful.

We appreciate all cats being in a carrier:
Always bring your cat in a carrier and place the carrier on top of the bench or counter. Cats feel safe on higher ground than on the floor. As relaxed and easy going as your cat may be, once they walk into the waiting room and there is a large dog staring at them, you may rethink your cat sitting on your shoulder as the best idea. Even if your cat is on a harness and leash, they don’t want to come face to face with a dog. Cats will look for the quickest escape route, which unfortunately is the front door, right out into the busy parking lot and the busy road. You should also never open your cat’s carrier while sitting in the waiting room to let them roam about. Once your cat is in the exam room with the doors closed then you can let them out to explore the room and relax.

Please help yourself to a Feliway treated towel to cover your cat’s carrier. Feliway is a pheromone, or scent chemical, that is clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety with zero side effects. The act of covering the carrier also makes our kitties feel hidden and safe.

We appreciate all dogs be on a short leash (no loose flexi-leads):
Have your dog on a leash. Even if you have a well behaved friendly dog, it doesn’t guarantee every pet in the waiting room will be. Your dog should be controlled on a short leash and close to you. You will have more control of your pet this way and won’t risk your pet running up to a potentially aggressive or contagious dog or tripping someone with the long leash. This also helps us when we are trying to weigh your dog.

Please help yourself to an Adaptil sprayed bandana to tie around your dog’s neck. Adaptil is a safe, drug free way to help reduce stress in dogs.

If your pet is scared, reactive to other pets, likely to be contagious or if your appointment is about an upsetting issue, you can always call us from your car when you arrive. Just let us know that you are here and that you would prefer to wait in the car until the exam room is available. We can then call you back on your cell phone to let you know that you can proceed right in when the time is right. If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us!