They undoubtedly saved our Ekkos (Aka Kittens) life. After months of trying everything to control and care for our cats crystals which means urinalysis, blood tests, diet changes, pheromone sprays, increase of enrichment and toys and doing everything we could he blocked. They were able to unblock him. It was touch and go for a bit but unfortunately with the severity and frequency of his blocking (Multiple times in a week while at the hospital, they allowed us to visit him to check up which helped me so much) our options were getting slim. Finally we had to make the hard choice of either doing a PU surgery or euthanasia or just trying to handle him potentially blocking repeatedly (which is painful, dangerous and unethical to force your pet through), we opted to do a PU surgery. A costly surgery that takes a lot of skill. And the surgery team did fantastic. A surgery that although they didn’t do often, they did and helped us every step of the way both before, during and for weeks after surgery. Now we’re over 8 months post operation and our boy is entirely back to himself. He might be missing his junk but he’s just as loving, goofy and playful as he was before. He’s on a prescription diet and as of his last urinalysis had no crystals or anything in his urine. They use the PetDesk App which shows me all his test results right on my phone which has been so helpful during the whole period. They were there constantly giving us support via text and call and gave our little man so much love while he was in their care. And he’s certainly a cat that LOVES love. He’s an attention hog. We had lost our senior dog not even a month before having these issues with him so we were especially sensitive and the staff and doctors were so gentle and kind the whole time. We can’t thank them enough for working with us and helping our boy. Especially during an already hard and painful time of mourning. And we will soon be switching all of our animals care to them.

Brittany D.Google

10 out of 10 recommend! Everyone was fabulous and I was so impressed with Dr. Roberts. Cannot thank them enough for the wonderful care of my dog, and let's be honest, me!

Julia D.Facebook

We’ve been using them for years and most recently we got a kitten that needed to be seen sooner then later and they were able to get us right in. Their prices are fair and friendly all around.

Jennie M.Google

We love this place. great with Maya our 3 year old pup that's gets a bit nervous without me.

Marie K.Facebook

I have always been happy with the way the staff treats our pets and us as well. The staff is very kind and our Vet is amazing!

Beth T.Google

All the staff here are so nice and helpful. Our dogs have been going here for many years. My dog recently passed away and they sent us a heartfelt card with a donation made in his honor to the animal rescue league. 💕🐶 thank you for your kindness!!

Brandy M.Facebook
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