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Penny D.

Penny D.
May 9, 2021

I’ve been bringing my canine “kids” to MVH for nearly 30 years. Dr. Lisa (now retired) hopefully remembers “our” Pearl who passed in 2013; Lisa treated Pearl for 16 of her 18 years and had come to my home (hospice care) when the time arrived for Pearl to cross the Rainbow Bridge – Lisa cried with me. I’lI miss Dr. Lisa forever but the doctors who joined MVH during and after her are as loving and caring as she is. Dr. Cheryl truly saved my Molly’s life. Molly had been severely injured and Cheryl was just leaving work when we “screamed” into the lot. She immediately took Molly in, stabilizing her injuries so we could get her to the emergency hospital in Bedford/Manchester (a fabulous facility). MVH even called the hospital to say we were coming. Now at 10, Molly’s back to her old self. For saving Molly, and me, Dr. Cheryl will never be forgotten. Dr. Karen T was very compassionate yet straight forward when she noticed our Monty’s (9) breathing was irregular during his last visit. We had already left but Dr. Karen was extremely concerned. Knowing our financial situation she had MVH call me to bring Monty back
for tests; we’d work out the rest. The tests showed that Monty was in the middle/last stages of heart failure. Medications gave him a few more months of some lively times of love and cuddling. He quietly passed away on Jan 16, 2020 at the foot of my bed.

Again, MVH was there for me. As with Pearl, they arranged for Monty’s cremation and he was soon back home.

My husband and I still have 4 canine “kids” from 13 to 90 lb and they will always be cared for by MVH.

Milford Veterinary Hospital IS Exceptional!

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