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Rick M

Rick M
September 3, 2016

Last Tuesday started off like any other day until about 10:00 AM. Out family dog “Melvin” twisted out of my boys arms and landed awkwardly on his left leg, breaking it in two places. The poor little guys was in so much pain and he yelped and cried in a way that would have ripped even the toughest guys heart out. So we scooped him up, contacted Milford Veterinary Hospital, and they told us to bring him in. Can’t express our families thanks for them putting little Melvin back together again. The staff there took him, made him comfortable and patched him up. People that don’t have pets will never understand the love and happiness that they bring into your life and how when they hurt, you hurt. So again, many thanks to the Milford Veterinary Hospital for an awesome staff.

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