surgeryWouldn’t it be great if our pets could simply tell us whenever they weren’t feeling well, or point to where it hurt whenever they’d become injured in some way? Unfortunately, because animals cannot communicate in this manner, managing their health can be a challenge. That’s why veterinary diagnostics are so important.

These invaluable tools allow our experienced doctors to take a glimpse inside your pet’s body so they can diagnose and treat whatever is ailing them in the most timely and efficient manner. The sooner we are able to get to the bottom of your pet’s health concerns, the better the chances of a positive outcome.

Milford Veterinary Hospital utilizes a broad range of diagnostics to help us stay on top of the ongoing health of our patients.

At Milford Veterinary Hospital, we have our very own state of the art diagnostic lab located right within the clinic. This allows our doctors to achieve fast and accurate test results, something that is especially important for those illnesses or injuries that require a timely diagnosis and treatment. In many cases, we can have the answers we need before you and your pet even leave the exam room.

Our in-house laboratory testing capabilities include but are not limited to: blood chemistry panels, complete blood count analysis, senior pet blood panels, heartworm and Lyme testing, feline leukemia (Felv) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) testing, feline heartworm testing, urinalysis, thyroid testing, fecal parasite analysis, ear cytology, skin cytology and the analysis of needle aspirates.

If your pet has been acting a bit under the weather lately and you’re not sure exactly what might be wrong, our diagnostic services can help! We’ll get to the bottom of whatever may be ailing your animal companion so we can get them back on the track to full health again as soon as possible.