Are you planning to go away on business or vacation soon, and worried about who you will get to care for your pet? Before you grab the yellow pages or take your chances with a random internet search, why not consider bringing your loved one somewhere he or she will be safe and well-cared for, surrounded by familiar faces?

Milford Veterinary Hospital offers full service boarding for cats only. Our cozy, comfortable boarding area provides all the creature comforts needed to enjoy a safe, happy stay and our experienced staff is ready to shower your loved one with all the TLC he or she could ever need to feel right at home.

It’s important to us that all of our boarders feel as little stress and as much love as possible. Contented pets and worry-free families are our mission. Our dedicated team will make sure your pet gets everything they need while they are with us, including any medications and treatments they require.

There are many advantages to boarding at a veterinary hospital. Pets with medical issues like arthritis, diabetes or kidney disease can receive all of the supportive care and monitoring they need. Pets recovering from surgery or with any other kind of special needs have our veterinarians on-site and available to care for them should the need arise. Senior and geriatric pets can get that extra TLC they deserve. In addition, any exams, vaccines or lab tests that your pet needs can easily be done while they are boarding.

Boarding Facility

Our clean, cozy boarding area is carefully maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness and comfort. Our cat boarding areas are kept at suitable temperatures in all seasons to ensure that your pet enjoys a perfectly comfortable stay.

Our kitty room features four large, double-level apartments that work best for large cats, fearful cats that need more space, or for two cats to share. There are also cozy standard sized cages for smaller cats or any that prefer cozier spaces. We have many comfy cat beds and soft blankets to make our feline guests feel right at home.

Daily Boarding Routine

Cats are fed and any medical care administered twice daily. Confident and friendly kitties are allowed to explore the kitty room for some fun and exercise. For safety reasons, this is only done when they can be supervised.

Pre-Boarding Requirements & Instructions

For the safety and health of all of our boarders, we require that all pets have current annual exams (i.e. within the past year) to rule out any infectious illnesses or conditions. We also require a negative fecal analysis to rule out internal parasites (e.g. roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, giardia) which are easily spread in a kennel environment. In addition, the following vaccines must be up to date in order for your pet to board with us:

  • Distemper
  • Rabies

In warm weather (usually April through September) we assume that most pets will be treated with flea and tick preventative. If a pet comes to board and is found to carry fleas, they will be treated immediately at the owner’s expense.

Boarders are welcome to check in or out any time from 7:30am to 5:00pm on weekdays or 7:30am to 11:30am on Saturdays. Because the hospital is closed on Sundays and Saturday afternoons, we do not schedule and drop offs or pick-ups for those days or times. We hope that the occasional inconvenience will be balanced by the many advantages of boarding at our veterinary hospital.

Boarding paperwork (the contract and care instructions) are prepared the day before your pet comes to board. To make the check-in process as easy and smooth as possible we will collect your pet’s care instructions (feeding, medications, etc) by email a few days in advance.

What to Bring

All boarders are welcome to bring their own food and treats from home, especially if they are on special diets or have sensitive systems. We have plenty of bowls so there is no need to bring dishes. We will also need any medications or supplements that your pet will be taking while staying with us. Please make sure we have an adequate supply to cover the duration of your pet’s stay. Please bring all medications or supplements in their original containers (i.e. not in baggies or pill organizers.)

Toys from home are welcome. Soft toys for kitties are fine.