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We've been taking our beloved puppy to MVH for years. Everyone from the front desk to the techs to the doctors is caring and does everything they can to inform you and make your pet comfortable. I've seen some reviews referencing cost. But in my experience MVH is no more expensive than other vets (and due to recent bouts with cancer, we've had to spend thousands on our guy).

It's unfortunate that medical care for people or animals is so expensive, and in the future we'll probably buy pet insurance. But since you love your family member and will have to provide care from somewhere, why not choose a place that establishes a relationship with your family and whose number 1 concern is the well-being of your pet?

These people are the best. When Dr. Tinkham comes into the examining room, we have to calm our puppy down because he is so excited to see her!

Richard B February 5, 2018

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The staff are very nice & listens to your concerns when you call. All the vets go above & beyond to care for your pet. My favorite is Dr. Tinkham.

Cheryl M January 28, 2018

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Last Tuesday started off like any other day until about 10:00 AM. Out family dog "Melvin" twisted out of my boys arms and landed awkwardly on his left leg, breaking it in two places. The poor little guys was in so much pain and he yelped and cried in a way that would have ripped even the toughest guys heart out. So we scooped him up, contacted Milford Veterinary Hospital, and they told us to bring him in. Can't express our families thanks for them putting little Melvin back together again. The staff there took him, made him comfortable and patched him up. People that don't have pets will never understand the love and happiness that they bring into your life and how when they hurt, you hurt. So again, many thanks to the Milford Veterinary Hospital for an awesome staff.

Rick M September 3, 2016

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I want to thank Dr. Anderson and the staff for the caring compassion care Jasmine received today. They fit her in to remove some quills. We have always been very satisfy with everyone. Thank you so much. <3

Robin S July 17, 2017

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You can't improve on what you're already doing! The bandannas were awesome and Cole is amazing. We love that every member of your team loves Abby as much as we do and we love going there!

Kelly S October 28, 2017

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The care Tanzy received was terrific. Dr. Parnell was knowledgeable and caring, which was very appreciated. Thank you.

Barbara G November 1, 2017

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I had started taking my kitty, Trystyn, to MVH when i lived in Wilton to manage his FLUTD. They were always kind, knowledgeable and caring when it came to his care throughout his “flares” with his disease. I even made the trek to Milford once we moved to Manchester, as i trusted them wholeheartedly with his care. When he was almost 13 he had acute kidney failure, and thanks to the expertise and caring support of Dr. Anderson, we were able to give him two more years of love and life. She knew how much he was my world, and made herself available to ensure his return to health. I am forever grateful to her and the entire staff at MVH. I’m heartbroken over his recent passing, and she took the time to write me a personalized card offering her sympathies. I’m not sure if that’s normal for a vet, but it was comforting. There’s a huge hole in my heart without him, but i knew he got the best care possible. Thank you for everything.

Dawn D January 25, 2018

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Very thoughtful and helpful staff. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone!

Marianne T October 25, 2017

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I love the great care my dogs receive here. The vets, techs, and other staff genuinely care about the animals.

Julie H December 5, 2016

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Dr. Anderson took very good care of my Daisy for the past 6 years. Everybody there is so nice and caring.

Sandra F September 15, 2017

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I can't thank you enough for the wonderful, understanding, and sympathetic staff you have at this office. I brought my Benny in his final moments and the compassion with the arrangements helped ease my aching heart. Thank you!!!

Sara H April 5, 2017

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This experience was awesome!! Ypo got me an apppointment 45 min after calling for my poor girl with the UTI. Everyone was so great! Thank you Dr. Tinkham!

Debi G November 2, 2017

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Been seeing doctor Lisa for over 10 years now and she has always been great

Steven S August 21, 2016

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Everyone I've come in contact with has been EXTREMELY helpful &friendly. Dr. Donnell is always willing to explain options for Majik she is patent and very helpful. Thank you.

Pat C October 11, 2017

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Our little fur babies sees Dr Tinkham, she is the best! We have never had any issues, she has always been friendly and professional. When our newest recuse tested positive for parasites she explained the process and the meds.

Mai R June 24, 2017

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