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Cole – Certified Veterinary Technician

Cole was always interested in science and medicine. She thought about human medicine but it had a tendency to make her cringe. She finally found her calling after she shadowed a family friend who helped out at the Humane Society where she realized the veterinary field was perfect for her!

As her father was in the Air Force, Cole moved around a lot when she was little. Born on Pease Air Force Base in New Hampshire, her family then lived in Germany for six years before moving to Bellevue, Nebraska when Cole was nine years old. In August of 2004, she started at Vatterott College where she earned her Veterinary Technician’s degree. Her first job was at a veterinary clinic in Papillion, Nebraska in 2006. Since she wanted to work closer to home, she came back to New Hampshire and started at Milford Veterinary Clinic in 2012.

Cole is one of the Senior Technicians and the Hospital OSHA officer, Cole keeps an eye on many aspects of the hospital including Triage which is one of the most important parts of animal care and is always happy to impart her wisdom on the other staff. Her no-nonsense attitude mixed with a great sense of humor keeps the hospital humming and the patients happy. She is currently studying to be a VTS in Clinical Practice for Canines and Felines.

Currently, Cole lives with her Husband, Mike. They have five cats, five geckos, one Quaker parrot, and four fish tanks! In her spare time, she enjoys reading and crafting.

Jen T. – Certified Veterinary Technician

Jen-TWorking as a Certified Veterinary Technician, Jen feels like she gets to combine her intense compassion toward animals with her love of science. She also enjoys learning something new every day.

Born and raised here in New Hampshire, Jen began her veterinary journey in 2006 because her first puppy, a Bernese mountain dog named Tica, had several health issues. Jen was always taking her dog to the veterinarian. She spent so much time there that she started asking about employment. As soon as a position opened up, she was invited to apply! Jen’s veterinary career started in 2006;to this day Jen still feels the same passion for her work as she did on the day she started.

Jen has a particular interest in veterinary dentistry. She notices that many pets start acting like themselves again after just one dental cleaning. She’s also fond of radiology and ultrasonography because of these techniques’ capacity to get a complete picture of a pet’s health.

In her time away from veterinary medicine, Jen is an avid artist and painter. She has even won awards for her clay sculptures. She also enjoys hiking, kayaking, sightseeing, and simply relaxing in the great outdoors.

Jen lives with her husband and two young children. They share their lives with many family pets, including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and fish.

Erika – Certified Veterinary Technician

Erika has had pets ever since she can remember. As a young child she also showed interest in the medical field so she decided to combine her two loves and become a Veterinary Technician.
Erika is originally from Massachusetts but she has spent most of her life in New Hampshire. After high school she headed off to college where she received an Associate’s Degree in Science in Veterinary Technology in 2001. Soon after, she became a Certified Veterinary Technician in Massachusetts and, later, in New Hampshire. While she was attending college, she started working at an animal hospital and never looked back.
The favorite part of her job is utilizing the Fear Fear philosophy to ensure that the patients and the clients have the most relaxing and stress free visit possible to the veterinary hospital. It is very rewarding for her when the patients are comfortable while in her care. She also enjoys dentistry and has become quite good at taking dental radiographs.

Erika and her husband and high school sweetheart Andy share their home with two young rambunctious labs named Spence and Brynlee, and a cat named Albus who she rescued.

In her spare time, she likes to read, go to the beach and spend time in nature with friends and family. She thoroughly enjoys watching football and is a huge Patriots fan! She is also a fan of NASCAR and goes to the races up in Loudon every year. She also just recently got her motorcycle license and is a proud owner of a Harley Davidson!

Kimberly – Licensed Veterinary Technician

Kimberly is talented at drawing blood and running a variety of tests. The anticipation of the results keeps the job exciting! In her free time, Kimberly enjoys being with her dog, Darcy, reading, and spending time near the ocean.Kimberly joined the team in July of 2017 when she moved to the area. She loves animals and has always been interested in biology and science. Her biggest professional goal is to help animals who are in pain!
She loves meeting new people and animals and enjoys being a part of a team that is so dedicated to caring for their patients.
Born and raised in Dover-Foxcroft, ME, Kimberly was the middle of seven children! She is very close to her family and she and her siblings were homeschooled all the way up to college.
She began the vet tech program at the University of Maine Augusta at Bangor in 2011 and graduated with an Associate’s degree in 2014. She then passed her licensing exam later that year.

Kerry G – Certified Veterinary Technician

Kerry is originally from Massachusetts and moved to New Hampshire in 1992. She knew her path and calling early on and was destined to be a care giver of any and all animals in need.

Since then Kerry has worn many different hats in the veterinary field over the past thirty plus years. After many years of on the job training she sat in with the Mt. Ida graduating class of 2004 taking the National exam and graduated with high scores, earning her CVT license through MVTA (Massachusetts Veterinary Technicians Association).

She has worked at veterinary hospitals in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire and joined the Milford Vet Hospital team in the fall of 2019.

Kerry has many different animals of her own at home of the fur, feather, and fins type, which she shares as her family with her husband of twenty six years. Being an advocate & voice for Bully Breeds she has adopted a few rescues over the years. Sharing the home now with an American Bulldog “Rhino”, 3 cats “Athena” , “Maceo”, and “Tarot”, her most colorful family additions and new found hobby is raising & caring for 5 different species of amphibians. Tree frogs to Fire-bellied toads.
While enjoying Camping, Hiking (with her exploration companion Rhino), Native American Pow Wows, making Native American Dream Catchers and the craze of creating Diamond Dotz art, she is always aware of her surroundings helping and looking out for wildlife everywhere she goes. Being a CVT (Certified Veterinary Technician) is not just a job for Kerry, It’s her way of life.

Elizabeth G – Certified Veterinary Technician

Bio and picture coming soon!

Samantha H – Technician in Training

Growing up, Samantha had always been intrigued by animals of all shapes and sizes. She would be the first to help her mother take care of their new foster kittens. The first ones she can remember were a brother and sister she named Princess and Casper.
Since her early teen years, Samantha’s dream was to be a large animal veterinarian. This fascination began when she started working at an alpaca farm in her small town in Massachusetts. She worked there for a couple years and this blossomed her career in the animal medical field.
During high school, she interned at her first small animal practice, which turned into the first practice she was employed.
Samantha then realized she wanted to work in a small animal practice with dogs, cats, and various furry and feathery creatures.
Samantha has now worked in the veterinary field for almost 7 years, starting out as a kennel attendant to veterinary assistant and is working her way towards being a certified veterinary technician.
Her passions include exotic medicine, dental surgery and venipuncture.
In her spare time, you can find Samantha tending to her goats, hanging out with her rabbits or lounging with her big dog, Whiskey

Kelly – Veterinary Assistant

A longtime family member of Milford Veterinary Hospital, Kelly began working with us in April of 2009. While she later pursued other endeavors and took a hiatus from our team, she later returned to a team of loving arms in May of 2016.

She has always been called to take care of animals, and as a Veterinary Assistant she loves the environment and clients found here and employs various “fear-free” techniques feverently practiced at the Milford Veterinary Hospital, ensuring your pet receives the highest levels of care and comfort within the techniques employed to ensure they are not only distracted but also calm.

She was born in South Carolina, but grew up in Western Massachusetts and has been settled in New Hampshire since 2006. During this time, she vigorously studied Veterinary and Animal Science at Holyoke Community College and graduated as a Veterinary Technician in 1989.

Now, she takes care of foster animals who are sick or orphaned; and gained her loving cat Callie from a breed of poorly found kittens, following a failed adoption. Along with Callie, she lives in Litchfield with her Veterinarian wife and several other pets, including three dogs and two cats. In her free time she loves to snuggle and play with her furry family while vying for the title of World’s Greatest Aunt and creating Zentangle inspired art.


Deiana F- Technician in training

Deiana may be new to the veterinary field but she is making up for lost time. She joined MVH in 2019 as a kennel attendant, but it was clear from the start that she had the passion and drive to do more. Deiana earned her fear free certification in 2019 and has been a champion of that philosophy within our practice. She is currently in school to become a certified Veterinary Technician. Her love for all animals (but especially all the good boys and girls who bark) helps keeps her motivated to learn, both in school and at work. She is passionate about fear free and had already earned her certification. In her down time she enjoys rock climbing, video games, car shows ,and hiking with her Fiancé Jordan and her two Labs Thor and Daisy.


Lindsey L- Technician in training

Lindsey’s has always loved animals. From a very young age she was rescuing stray cats and helping orphaned baby squirrels.  She worked at a local animal shelter and was soon running the canine department. After 5 years, she left to join MVH in the fall of 2019 as a technician assistant. Lindsey is proud to be Fear Free certified, and is enrolled in school to become a Certified Veterinary Technician.  Her desire to help animals drives her to improve her knowledge and skills everyday. She particularly e enjoys assisting with surgeries.
At home she spends time hiking and watching criminal minds with her boyfriend Kyle and her beagle, Motley.


Rosie E- Veterinary Assistant

Rosie is originally from the Netherlands. She and Dr. Tinkham met in 2006 when both worked spaying and neutering cats at the Humane Society for Greater Nashua. They share a passion for animals in general and cats in particular. Rosie worked for MVH previously as a technician, and rejoined the team in 2018 as Dr. Tinkham’s assistant.

Katina B – Reception Manager

Katina grew up in Vermont before going to Southern California to study biological sciences in college. Katina joined the MVH team in January 2021, but has been working in the veterinary field since 2016. She now lives with her boyfriend, Ryan, and her mini goldendoodle, Maisy. She enjoys reading, embroidery, and horseback riding in her free time.

Genevieve L – Receptionist

Genevieve has been with us since 2016 as a technician assistant, kennel attendant and now as receptionist. Her ability to wear multiple hats has been a huge asset to our team! She enjoys spending time at home with her husband, two children, four cats and dog.

Laura – Receptionist

Laura is a staple at the receptionist position at MVH. Always providing a calming presence to allow everyone to be able to keep cool when things get a little hectic. She is always one step ahead and happy to assist and teach.


Molly – Receptionist

Molly__2044_profileIt always has been second nature for Molly to care for animals in need. She has actually spent her entire working life caring for animals. She started out working in a barn in high school before working at a private show barn during her college years.

After receiving a Wildlife Biology degree at college, she went to work at a zoo in Maine. She loved the job where she tended to black bears, a bobcat, Eurasian eagle owls, and even a herd of deer. However, driving to Maine during the harsh winters took a toll on her so she started sending out her resume. She joined the team at Milford Veterinary Hospital team in 2012.

Molly’s favorite part of the job is spending one-on-one time with the dogs and cats. She keeps them entertained by playing fetch or helping with grooming.

At home, Molly has one pet of her own. Jeffrey is an English bulldog puppy who likes to run around the house like his tail is on fire. He commonly runs into couches and walls, growling and barking the whole time!

Tammy A – Receptionist

Animal care has always been Tammy’s calling. She has been involved in animal rescue, transport, wildlife rehabilitation, and fostering (with a special feature on the Dodo!). She is also a part time dog groomer. She joined the MVH team in February 2021. Tammy grew up in New Hampshire and is the proud mom of three amazing men, and has two beautiful grandchildren. She has two dogs, Timber & Cricket, one cat Paisley, and eight happy quail.

Amber H – Receptionist

Before joining the MVH team six years ago, Amber worked in various customer service roles for over a decade. She has always enjoyed interacting with people, especially in a fast-paced work setting. Being a veterinary receptionist has given her the opportunity to further her skills in client relations with the added benefit of getting to show love to the pets before and after their appointments. She currently has one dog, one cat and two guinea pigs, all from animal rescues. When she is not at work, she is home with her husband and three young children. In her free-time, Amber enjoys video games and all sorts of arts and crafts.

Lauren Montminy – Office Manager

Lauren has worked in the animal health field for many years. She’s been in a variety of roles from volunteer to the medical manager at a local animal rescue, where she and Dr. Tinkham met and quickly became a great team. Lauren joined the MVH staff in 2018 as a part-time technician, and accepted the position of office manager in the fall of 2019. Since coming aboard she hasn’t stopped improving not only herself, but the team around her with her wide breadth of knowledge, attention to detail and a love of teaching/ mentoring. Despite her busy workload, Lauren and her family care for a menagerie of animals at home as well as fostering bottle fed orphaned kittens.

Jennifer P- Hospital Administrator

Jenn is our hospital administrator who manages multiple tasks from working with both clients and vendors, assisting with training and upkeep as needed. Having a combination of 18+ years of experience in the veterinary hospital  industry, Jenn brings a good deal of knowledge and compassion to her job.

Sam K – Hospital Liaison

Sam joined the MVH family in the summer of 2020 after spending 5 years working in the Animal Rescue field.

He assists with anything and everything that is needed at the hospital. His various projects can take him to very different parts of the hospital including assisting with appointments, answering phones, repairing broken items, IT issues, and whatever else may pop up.  He is Shelter & Hospital Fear Free certified and enjoys learning as much as he can about Animal Care. In his down time he enjoys watching Boston sports and hanging out with his spoiled cat Paddington, as well as volunteering at a local Wildlife Rescue.

Mary Bock – Cat Boarding Coordinator

Pic and Bio coming soon!



Smidget joined the hospital in 2017 and has been a staple ever since. As a clinic cat, her busy schedule includes routine walkarounds to check up on the hospital, and ensuring medication and food is delivered on time. She has kept the staff in tip top shape, and even allows for belly rubs.

In her spare time she enjoys the occasional cat nip and a good scratch.